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Ramses College for Girls

 (Ex American College for Girls) was founded in 1908.

Miss Ella Okyle was the first principal of the American Mission college for girls from 1908-1912.

It also holds pre- IG & IGCSE department

From grade 7-13

School Stages: - Kindergarten

  • Primary
  • Preparatory
  • Secondary


NO. Of Students: 2978 + 420 IGCSE students

NO. Of Staff  

 (Admin, Teachers):256

No. Of workers: 59



Ramses College vision is the continuous development of the educational

process aiming at developing an

all round personality

Its continuous success is due to the service and dedication of its staff

R.C.G provides a national and an international system of education (I.G.C.S.E)  



Welcome To Ramses College For Girls.    

RCG is one of the Synod Schools for girls only.

It is a private language school that teaches the government program starting from kindergarten to secondary levels.

French is taught from 1st primary as a 2nd language.




















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