School News

The Helen Martin Library:


In the year 1945, the Helen Martin Library was inaugurated.

The Library was one of the many projects the Collage Alumni Association tools part in. the alumni decided to collect ten thousand Egyptian pounds for the construction of the Library.

However, the cost of constructing the Library reached twenty thousand pounds. The graduates and the Egyptian friends of the college paid three quarters of the cost; at that time the highest amount donated by an individual was five hundred pounds. The last quarter of the cost was donated by friends of the colleges, living abroad. The donation was given in the form of money or as materials such as tiles for the floors or furniture for the reading rooms or educational aids.

The Helen Martin Library was a fulfillment of Dr. Martin's dream for ever since she became the college principal she had wished that the college would have an independent library in a building of its own.

The construction of the Helen Martin library took several years in which the college administration exerted great efforts to collect the money needed.

Years later, those efforts were fruitful and the library was inaugurated in 1945. The college was honored to invite the president of the republic at that time, President Mohamed Naguib to inaugurate the library.

In a huge celebration, headed by Dr.Martin and attended by high Authorities in the country and a large number of graduates who participated with their donations in the construction of the library.

The library, as previously mentioned is full of different kinds of books in the three languages, Arabic, English and French. It also includes not only ancient and modern literature, but also other publications in the different branches of knowledge. This besides a great number of encyclopedias, different in subjects and languages, researches and circulars.

The library timetable:

The library is opened all day long on school days. Students are allowed either to read inside the library or to borrow books for a week.



A large number of Christian and Islamic stories that tell us about the lives of prophets.

Historic stories and autobiographies of a number of scientists, inventors and politicians.

Detective and adventure stories, whether Arabic or English, daily and weekly newspapers and magazines are also available.