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Ramses College for girls IGCSE Department:

The IGCSE which stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education, is an international certificate recognized by the Egyptian universities as universities abroad.

The Pre-IGCSE System:

The Pre-IG System Extends over a period of 3 years following 6th Primary.

The IGCSE System:

  • 3 years after 3RD prep.
  • 2 years after 1st sec.

IGCSE is a system of education which works on different levels:

  • OL ordinary level.
  • AS advanced supplementary
  • AL advanced level.

What does RCG- IGCSE provide?

  • Best professors.
  • Extra hours of explaining if needed.
  • Personal contact with professors.
  • Best discipline.
  • A happy environment.

Ramses College for girls is not just a place where syllabus is taught and long hours of study are spent, but a small community whose members, the administration and the teaching staff, will participate with their experiences towards developing the personality and maturity of young students.

All the professors are highly qualified and experienced specialists in their subjects. Individual care and attention is given to students, whose work is carefully monitored and evaluated regularly.