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please open these files:
Dear Parents,
       I hope my message finds you all well. Kindly be informed that, as announced before, Cambridge exams are to be held between October 5th to October 15th. The detailed schedule will soon be sent to you. You'll find hereby two important forms to be filled in:
1. A 'Declaration Form' that has to be filled in and signed by you, not by the student.
2. An "ID Form" that has to be filled in by the student. Two recent passport-size photos, with a white background, of the student have to be sent with the ID Form, in a small envelop. It is very important that you write the student's name on the back side of both photos.
    Kindly print out both forms and hand them in at school on these days:
1. Monday 07/09/2020
2. Tuesday 08/09/2020
3. Wednesday 09/09/2020
4. Thursday 10/09/2020
    (from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm)
Important notes (Declaration Form):
 1. The centre address is EG501.
2. Discard centre address.
3. The parent must sign in all places on behalf of the student. 
Important notes (ID Form):
1. Students must fill in ONLY Sections A and B. They MUST NOT write anything on Section C
2. Students must write down their FULL NAME in both Sections A and B in CAPITAL LETTERS. Cambridge certificates will be
    issued in the spelling the student writes down.
3. It is very important to write the e-mail address and the residential address in detail.
VERY IMPORTANT:   1. The above forms ARE NOT for FIRST  or THIRD primary Cambridge students. 
                                    2. Students cannot take Cambridge examination unless they fill and hand in the above mentioned forms.
Best wishes
Cambridge Coordinator
Viola David